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Boosters Appeal Pier 70 Development

Neighborhood efforts over the last year yielded additional funding for community facilities, transit funding dedicated to the neighborhood, redesigned buildings that open up a better connection between Dogpatch and Irish Hill (and its adjacent playground) and a lowered limit on office space that ensures a more housing-oriented development at the site.

In September 2017, the Boosters filed an appeal of the Final Environmental Impact Report over particular concerns over the impacts of the development on transit and traffic. Boosters' President JR Eppler, OEWD and Supervisor Cohen's office successfully negotiated a reduction in the office development cap from 2.3 million sf to 1.75 million, along with a commitment from SFMTA to implement public transit improvements. The appeal was subsequently withdrawn.

The Boosters look forward to ongoing engagement with Forest City over the coming years as the development takes shape.


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